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Kelly W.

I have used this for a few years now. I keep one in my purse and share it if someone else is in pain. I actually took my headache pills out of my bag because this is all I really ever need. Works Well! Pain Roll On.

Carol W.

I love this product. I bought it over a year ago and I use it for everything. I ended up giving it away to a friend, but I regretted it immediately. It really works with treating headaches, and just even smelling it helps relieve some of the stress of life – such a great buy! Pain Roll On.

Bonnie Z.

I had been dealing with digestive issues for many weeks. Nothing from the drug store seemed to help much so I purchased “Moms Nurse kit” which contained nine different essential oils that I could try. Inside-Out and Lemon made my tummy area finally relax and I felt relief for the first time in a long while. Since then I have been choosing the essential oils from my medicine cabinet instead of the anti acids, pain relievers, or sinus medication and find that they work better for me than over the counter products. Most importantly I like being able to choose something natural. Loved it so much I bought a couple of kits to give as gifts.

Trina A.

Deliverance has saved me from many doctor visits with sick children. If they even look like they are getting sick, I diffuse Deliverance and put a drop or two of Deliverance with some carrier oil on their feet. If they are getting congestion in their chest, I put a drop or two of Breezey with some carrier oil on their chest and Deliverance on their feet.

My daughter, Haley used Mela Plus on a cut that she got on the handrails at Legoland and had no infection – even though we did not put it on until evening. She had gotten cut in the morning. My daughter, Abby cut herself with a razor and didn’t show me until it was infected. We put Mela Plus on and with in a day it looked almost completely healed.

I have many friends who use Peppermint on their headaches.

Marlin U.

Deeper has greatly reduced my pain. When I go to bed I just put some on. It helps my arthritis pain to be reduced to a minimum. I also like to put a little Lavender on my pillow to help me to relax and go to sleep. I was skeptical at first when my wife started using oils, but after using them – I’m convinced they do help. I even like just smelling them in the case.

Joe A.

At first I was a little skeptical about the essential oils, but as I have tried them for different things, my expectations have been exceeded at every turn. For instance, I had a bad case of athletes foot where my feet were drying out and cracking, red and very painful. My wife suggested I use Deliverance on them so I did. She rubbed the essence all over my feet and toes and then I went to bed. The next morning I was shocked to see and feel that the itching and burning was completely gone and the redness too. I have continued to use Deliverance anytime I feel a slight itchiness on my feet and it completely goes away.

Janet A.

Just recently we had a death in the family, and in the middle of it we came down with colds. At night my daughter and husband were pretty miserable, struck with grief and stuffed up – having a hard time going to sleep. I thought; “what can I do for my family?” The thought to “get out my oils” came to mind. I opened my ‘Butterfly Miracles with Essential Oils’ book and browsed through the suggestions of what to use for colds. As I was looking, I also saw that you can use Orange Sweet for grief, so I put Orange Sweet on everyone in my families wrists for the next several days. That night I rubbed Aspire on the chest, Breezey on the back and Deliverance on their feet -just like the book suggested. They slept through the night! My husband said it was soothing and he could breath better and get to sleep! I love LaRees’ book. It has so many symptoms listed that I can quickly see what would be best to use. I love having these natural tools to use to help and heal myself and my family. .

Sherry E.

I purchased the Insomnia Kit and I want to tell you how wonderful it is! It WORKS!!!!! Usually it takes me an hour to fall asleep every night and I wake up every 2 hours. Since I have been using these oils I am asleep within 15 minutes and I sleep almost 5 hours straight. This is a first for me. I feel rested and alert in the mornings now instead of half asleep and dragging. Thank you so much for these oils. I am a believer in them. Sherry E.

Joe C. A., MBA

I have used Deliverance for all my cough and cold needs. Anytime I feel a tickle in my throat or congestion coming on, I rub it on my chest and throat and sinuses and by morning all the symptoms are gone.

I injured my knee playing basketball. I had deep pain inside the back of my knee and some along the ligaments on the side. (I also have had ankle injuries in the past and have been on a regular regimen of Ibuprofen whenever I play ball). Then, with the knee injury, I was feeling low. I decided to use a rotation (and sometimes layering) of Deeper, Paine, and Warm Down on my knee and ankles. Since that day I have not taken one bit of ibuprofen. My knee has healed up fast and my feet and ankles feel better than they have for years. I love being able to treat my body with natural essential oils, instead of the harsh chemicals of modern medicine. What a difference it has made for me.